ZooliesNudes Sphynx Cattery

An Exclusively Sphynx Cattery & Sister Cattery to Skinzin Sphynx

ZooliesNudes Sphynx Cattery

ZooliesNudes Sphynx Cattery



Welcome to ZooliesNudes~Sphynx

Sister Cattery and Co-Breeder with Skinzin Sphynx


New Litters Expected Spring/Summer 2014!

We are so pleased you have taken the time to view our website – the Sphynx breed of cat is nothing short of captivating! You haven’t been loved, until you’ve been loved by a ZooliesNudes~Sphynx!! Be prepared to become addicted!  You have successfully found the most beautiful and amazing group of cats on the planet!

Where does this silly name come from? Well – long story short “Zoolie” is the nickname that was given to me years ago – so I only found it fitting to pair it with “Nudes” for these naked beauties :)

Enjoy your look around our site where we hope you will find a lot of helpful information in your research of the Sphynx breed – then be sure to visit the contact us page in order to reach us about getting your very own ZooliesNudes~Sphynx!


“Maybe I’m a Dreamer, But I Still Believe….” – JBJ

The Sphynx personality is also unique. Kittens are precocious from the beginning of their lives. They often open their eyes when they are two or three days old, walk, and climb out of the kittening box by the time they are three weeks of age.  A three-week-old Sphynx kitten will usually start eating its mother’s food and using the litter box. Their temperament remains the same as their kittenhood antics indicate. Sphynx delight in making direct eye contact with people and they flirt outrageously. They literally bend over backwards to get human attention. A Sphynx will always be ready to get into some mischief. 

The Sphynx can be important for people who are allergic to cats. While we know that there is no such thing as a non-allergenic cat, some people who suffer from cat allergies can tolerate Sphynx cats. However, each individual’s allergic reactions are different and there are those who cannot live with this or any other cat breed. If you are allergic to cats, it is best to contact a Sphynx breeder and make an appointment to handle a cat before you buy one. Determine for yourself if you get an allergic reaction to it. Most Sphynx breeders have had a lot of experience selling to allergic people and would have a good idea of the type of allergy sufferer who could comfortably live with a Sphynx cat. It has been proven that frequent bathing does reduce the allergens shed by any type of cat. 

The hairless Sphynx cat is one of the most rare and unusual breeds in the Cat Fancy. They have few health problems due to outcrossing and generally live long trouble-free lives. The temperament of the Sphynx cat is demanding and loving while at the same time, very mischievous. This is the perfect breed of cat for people who spend a lot of time at home and want a cat that is an interactive member of the family. A Sphynx thrives on attention, needs people and animal companionship and loves to be on display at cat shows. Availability of Sphynx kittens is very limited but the pleasures of living with a Sphynx, or two, make them well worth waiting for. Practically everyone who shares their lives with Sphynx cats claim that they are pure enchantment. 

ZooliesNudes ~ Sphynx! cattery is located just outside of Colorado Springs, CO in the quiet rural area of Peyton.  Our cattery is registered with both CFA and TICA  and all of our cats and kittens are registered through one or both of these organizations.  We enjoy a very small cattery where all of our cats, breeding or pet, live their lives with the freedom to be a part of our family and are allowed throughout our home, in our beds and in our hearts.  Our whole family is involved in the care of our cats – even the two dogs help out by offering yet another warm body to cuddle with! 

Our prime goal is to help the health and vigor of this breed.  By only breeding cats that are seen yearly by board certified cardiologists and scanned clear of HCM, and that are also clear of other feline health issues commonly seen in purebred cats, we feel we can contribute positively to the longevity of the Sphynx. 

A heartfelt “Thank You” goes out to our mentor and friend Judy Gunby of Skinzin Cattery for allowing us to become a part of her out-crossing program and for trusting us enough to help her obtain her shared goal of adding vigor to this amazing breed!                                     Dena Monyek, Breeder of ZooliesNudes Sphynx